Terms and Conditions

Our Mission: Our aim at WAMBA is to provide membership for all Mindfulness Practitioners thus helping to create an independent and unified standard of practice amongst all practitioners and training providers. Accredited Mindfulness Practitioners and training providers are more likely to obtain the confidence of the public when part of a larger umbrella of other professional practitioners, however we do not make any guarantees of work in the industry and members should abide by their own countries laws and licence agreements.

When you request membership with WAMBA you are stating that you hold the necessary skills and qualifications as stated on your application. WAMBA will take this in good faith and process your application however you may be asked for proof of any qualifications that you hold that are listed or stated on your application form at any time either on application request or at some point during your membership term.

Should you not supply said information on request and your application has been processed then please note you will not be eligible for any refund and we hold the right to withdraw your membership.

Should your membership not be accepted for any other reason than above and you have made payment then this will be refunded to you in full, however please note that you may incur a small admin fee which we are unable to reimburse.

  Mindfulness Training Organisations – What you are agreeing to

You should know that by using our logo on any certificates/awards that this is only used for the actual courses or training we have approved and are shown on your listing with us.

Offering Workshops and Direct Training –  You are agreeing that you or your training providers hold the necessary qualifications and or experience to offer the courses to your students in a professional and responsible manner.  Please note that our logo should not be used on any certificates for courses that are not approved or listed on your profile.

Online/Distance Learning Courses – You are agreeing that you hold full copyright for the course material you are providing and that the content you are sending out is unique to your training school or that you have full permission to use. No invasive courses will be accredited by WAMBA for online learning

COPYRIGHT ISSUES – Please note we take a very serious view of training providers making false claims or submitting copyright material from other course providers. Please ensure if submitting any course material that it has been written by or for you only or you have full permission to re-use.

DELIVERY POLICY: All signed membership certificates are sent as an attachment to your email address via pdf and can be printed off.

d) Payment Flow and Delivery Policy: Once you have made payment and subscribed to WAMBA your application will be processed within a few days and no later than 14 days. A signed copy of your certificate (if applicable) will be sent to you as an attachment with your acceptance email ready for you to download. Once your certificate has been issued you have now entered into a legal and binding contract with WAMBA as set out below.

Complaint Procedures

WAMBA will only mediate if the complaint is unresolved due to an inability to reach a mutually agreeable outcome or if, the training provider has, in any way, refused to handle the complaint.

WAMBA reserves the right to suspend or withdraw accreditation depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, as well as the number of repeated complaints lodged against a member. No refund will be issued if the complaint is upheld.

Subscriptions & Membership T&Cs

Yearly Subscriptions: If making payment via yearly subscription then your payments are deducted automatically from Stripe our Payment Provider each year on renewal. We do send reminders beforehand but do not guarantee that you will get a reminder. Please note that should you wish to cancel your subscription then you should do this at least 7 days before payment is due or at the time you receive your reminder, normally 10 days before payment is taken.

Please note it is with the member to inform us of any necessary changes such as new email address or contact details, WAMBA accept no responsibility for emails not being received by the member but will send a copy of our WAMBA reminder email sent to you on request.  Once your subscription (in the case of Stripe this must be done directly by the member) and is cancelled your details and listing will be removed from our website and you will no longer be entitled to use the letters WAMBA after your name or use our logo and membership badge if applicable showing that you are an approved member of WAMBA.


Cancellation if Paying via Subscription – If you have set up a yearly subscription to pay for your membership, and in the case of a Stripe Subscription you will need to cancel this directly with Stripe. If you request cancellation you will be sent details of how to do this. If you wish to cancel before your application has been processed and you have simply changed your mind then this will incur a admin fee.

Your responsibility on cancellation – Our logo must be removed from any website or paperwork showing you as an approved and accredited WAMBA member once cancellation has been made and accepted. You must not use your WAMBA membership badge to mislead the public and Failure to do so may result in membership fees being owed and made payable to WAMBA.


Refunds  Policy–  No refund will be issued for documents that have already been sent to you via attachment. No refund or part refunds will be issued for any member who cancels their membership during the term of membership. Please note a refund will not be sent to anyone who has cancelled their membership during the term or simply changed their mind. Refunds will only  be issued in the case that WAMBA do not accept your request for membership.

Refunds will be offered if you have notified us that you have cancelled your subscription and followed the above instructions, but payment has still been deducted through no fault of your own. You may need to show us proof of your cancellation if disputing a refund.

Marketing  Emails – You are agreeing to receive marketing communications from WAMBA. This means that we may send you newsletters or information that we feel is relevant and important regarding your membership. We will not pass your details on to 3rd parties nor will we ever send Spam Emails. You may unsubscribe at anytime.



WAMBA hold no responsibility to students whom have received a certificate or training should the training provider in question not abide by our T&Cs and code of ethics or not renew their membership with us.  All training providers are agreeing that they have read and understood our T&Cs and agree to follow our code of ethics.  Only registered and approved members whose payments and membership are up to date may use our logo on their own website and paperwork. Misleading the public by using the WAMBA Logo without a valid membership may result in prosecution.

Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in WAMBA withdrawing accreditation without notice.

You must remove all reference to WAMBA Accreditation from all documents and web pages, Accreditation Logos and destroy Accreditation Certificates and plaques if you withdraw from the Accreditation scheme or do not renew accreditation or if you are found to be in breach of our T&Cs.

All members of WAMBA and any person obtaining the services from any WAMBA members should be aware of the above T&C’s  and by joining and using the services of WAMBA you are in agreement with all our T&C’s and disclaimer notices.